Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Marisela's introduction letter and my newest friend

Hey everyone,
Sorry this post is a little later than I wanted but I've been really busy lately.

To start things off, I received Marisela's introduction letter!!! although she did not write a letter she did draw some pictures for me.

Her full name is Marisela Isabel Padillo Maldorado
She lives in Tegucigalpa, Honduras with her Mother, her Grandfather, and 2 younger siblings.
She is 6 years old and her favorite activities include playing on the swings, playing with dolls, and art
Her favorite food is Fried Chicken.
Her height is 3' 8" and she weighs 39lbs (a little smaller than she should be but she is getting the help she needs)

And I would like to introduce you to my new correspondent child William Alexis Gualavisi Quishpe

William is 10 years old and lives in Ecuador, He likes to play soccer and read. He is in 3rd grade and he lives with his Mom and Dad.

I cant wait to hear from him and Emely!!!