Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Syerlina's First letter

I am so amazed that this letter made it to me so fast. I started sponsoring Syerlina on September 30th and I received her introduction letter on October 27th. She must have wrote and mailed this letter the day that she found out that I was sponsoring her for it to get to me so fast. This letter made it all the way from Indonesia in under a month???  I wasn't expecting this for at least another month. You can imagine my surprise when I received it. I can't wait to receive my other children's letters.

Syerlina says.....

Her home is by the sea,
Her favorite food is fried noodles
Her favorite color is Pink
The family pet is a cat
And she wants to be a Policewomen when she grows up

Here is her letter.....(she was assisted with writing this letter since she is so young)

Dear Sponsor, (apparently she had not learned my name yet)
Thank you so much for your kindness to sponsoring me.
I hope and pray that God will fill you and your family's life with blessings.

God Bless!

Love, Syerlina

Isnt that just so precious?!!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

For those of you who have been following me - I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This weekend was very eventful for me. On Saturday I helped my parents out with a garage sale and when I made it home I had a big surprise waiting for me. When I first started sponsoring children I decided to start with 2 kids until I could assess if I wanted to do more or not. God apparently had other plans in store for me though.

When I first sponsored Syerlina, I found out that I was going to be getting a new account so I just went ahead with it. After I had received the information on my second account I decided to browse the website to try and find my second child. I had decided beforehand that I wanted to sponsor a child from Honduras so I started browsing the available option and I ran across Emely Alondra Rodríguez Gómez

Emely is 5 years old and lives in Honduras

This little cutie really tugged on my heart strings when I saw her so I decided to sponsor her.
This is when the story gets interesting though - I made it through the process fine but nothing happened. After 2 days I noticed that she was still on the website. but the day that I called Compassion she disappeared - They told me to wait a few days to see if she made it to my account or she came back up on the website. After another 2 days I checked again and she still wasnt there so I called Compassion again to see if she had been sponsored and they said she had. So I moved on. So I sponsored Marisela. But just this last week I was reading a thread on OurCompassion talking about linking our Compassion accounts to OurCompassion. So I decided to log back in to my old account to change the email so I could link them and there was Emely. She couldnt have been there for that long because I had been periodically logging in to check that. 

So basically I was presented with a dilemma. Should I stop the sponsorship or try to keep her?

I started praying to find out what God was wanting me to do while I went through my options. Thats when I decided to ask my sister if she would want to co-sponsor with me. I met with her after church the next day and asked her if she would want to......

And - she said YES!!!

So now I am very happy to be the sponsor of 3 beautiful little girls. I shall be posting more information about them very soon.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Children's info

Hello Everyone, I would like to take the time to introduce myself and to let you know about the 2 little girls that I sponsor through Compassion International.

My name is Matthew and I live north of Houston, Texas. I enjoy reading books, playing computer games, and painting Warhammer models (for those of you who dont what Warhammer is be sure to check out My other Blog where you can see pictures of my models and any special projects that im working on)

My first child that I sponsor is Syerlina Fisti Syalomita Bogar, She is 5 years old and she lives in Indonesia. Her birth date is September 13, 2008

My second child that I sponsor is Marisela Isabel Padilla M, She is 6 years old and lives in Honduras. Her birth date is May 28, 2007

I will be posting updates for both of my children as it becomes available.